Aerial image of the site

Decision matrix

Preliminary area relationship study diagram to assist with discussions about use, function, relationships and connectivity

A freehand sketch I prepared to assist with visualising the concept

I recently completed the master plan for a treatment plant. It explores the idea of converting a concrete pool into a vibrant, healthy wetland, and an educational and recreational facility for the community. I completed:

  • Decision matrix for systematic assessment of proposed project elements. Each element is evaluated against a range of criteria such as cost, compatibility with the wetland setting, ecosystem benefits and community desirability. The decision matrix ensures that elements are included or rejected based on consistent and relevant criteria.
  • Area relationship study which places spatial elements (areas) in their context, analyses relative size of functional areas and the desirable and undesirable relationships between one another.
  • The master plan with a variety of habitat zones,  inlet and outlet zones, littoral zone, deep water zone, large open water areas that allow pelicans to take off and land, islands, rocks and dead trees, indigenous garden, boardwalk, informational and interpretive signage, lookout towers and shelters, site furniture and picnic facilities, lighting, car park, and maintenance access.

I took this image during a site visits. A concrete pool in a different light.