1. Last night I was awarded Dean’s Honours for outstanding academic achievement in the final year of the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture.

2. My design was published in a book with the best of student designs in 2006.

3. I have a new job!!! My 130km daily commute is finally over. I got a new job, and it’s as good as it gets. I will be working in an area where only 3% of Council’s 2500 square kilometres is urban land, and the majority of the rest is national parks or protected. Very beautiful.

And because sometimes good things come in more than threes:

4. I will be a tutor and guest lecturer for a 3rd year subject next semester at Melbourne University Bachelor of Landscape Architecture.

I am now on a 2.5 week holiday and I don’t feel like doing much at all. I need some time for nothing. And catching up with people.

I still do web development work for a few clients, mostly maintenance and changes to design, but I’m seriously thinking about dropping that side of my business. It’s been difficult to find the time and energy to do it properly and within a decent period of time.