Plitvice National Park in Croatia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its pristine landscape of cascading lakes. This was my third visit to Plitvice. Croatia and Bosnia had just been through a few days of continuous heavy rainfall, but the day we arrived, in the late afternoon, it began to clear up. The following day was a beautiful sunny 25C day. We set off bright and early and were at the gates by around 7am. We had no idea when we started that the paths would be flooded, so we made our way down the mountain side and towards the paths that follow the lakes. We noticed people walking back, and later realised that they probably didn’t want to get their feet wet. But we decided to not let that stop us and thoroughly enjoyed splashing through the very refreshing cold water. We walked up and down the boardwalks and hills and through forests and under the waterfals for around five hours. And because we travel light we spent the next few days travelling wet!

But anyway, the few photos above are a start, and I will be adding more as I sort through. A nearby war memorial to 1991 Plitvice Bloody Easter and cave Supljara – a cave without a floor or a ceiling – are both quite interesting from a design point of view, so I’ll add more on those two as well.