During the last couple of months he lived alone. He had some friends at work and online but he lived on his own. We heard that he broke up with his girlfriend a while ago and started working late every day. I guess an expat would do that sometimes, just to pass the time, to forget other little life’s problems. I don’t know if that was the case with him. We weren’t that close, and I haven’t seen much of him in the last few months, although…

We were friends and he was a brute. His facade was a big mean bully most times but most of us knew how he really felt. If we felt uneasy about something, he would lend an ear, listen, give good advice and keep it all to himself.

Sometimes he used the nick Lister and it would always be Mr Lister for me. He wouldn’t let me call him “poombah”. Said it was only for friends, yet he told me things that I wasn’t meant to tell anyone. I’ve forgotten what they were now. All that is not important.

We got stoned together one night and when most people would take an advantage, he carried me to bed and just put me there, left me to sleep. A brute on the outside but such a nice person inside. He was the most honest person that I ever met. He would tell you everything he thought about you, face to face, no hessitations, no second thoughts. He stole potatos from my plate once, when I was really looking forward to eating them. So cheeky.

I hope that he knew that he was liked.

He was going to fly back to Australia at the end of December, apparently to sort things out with his family. Well meant thoughts, nice intentions, but not to be. Maybe left until just a bit too late.

He died. We don’t yet know how. Police called his work place on January 9th. He never got on that plane to Australia. Died in his flat in Amsterdam a couple of days before New Year’s.

RIP Stuart Bryant :(

miss you