Morris is impossible. He hurts me. He makes me cry out with pain. I can’t have a glass of water on the table next to me. He sleeps on my mouse. He chews on the mouse cable. I want him to sleep until I tell him to wake up. I want him to play and pounce when I tell him to. Yes. I do. He is really testing my patience. And then he nestles in my lap and starts purring and he’s the sweetest thing. Like so innocent and so well meaning. Adorable. I love watching him run around. I love it when he slides on the tiles. I love to watch him jump.

A while ago I wrote this little shell program called blip. It’s a command line random mp3 player type thing. Just now it played “Release Brian” from Life of Brian – Monty Python, and as soon as it finished, perfectly blended in started “The son of a preacher man”. What clever little script, would never have thought to play those two songs together, but loved it. It picked them out of thousands of others.