Two Australian expats died in Amsterdam in the last four months. Both of them moved here around the same time I did. One was my boss for a while. One of them a friend. Thoughts about them often creep in and start playing with my mind, messing me up.

An odd thing happened when Adam died. The morning of his heart attack I was shopping for food at our local fruit and veg shop. I was buying potatoes, and I came across a heart shaped potato.

But I don’t want to write any more about that. It is still too raw, and private, and sensitive.

There have been nicer events in my life lately. Michael is doing the around-the-world thing so he stopped in Amsterdam and stayed with us for a few days. He left yesterday, for Paris I think, but who knows. Maybe to London. Then later to Prague.

I am getting more comfortable with work. We are doing something that’s never been done before, that will have impact worldwide, and for a long time to come. We are inventing new systems. I am in touch with people from all over the world, every day, helping them setup their systems in their country. Every single day there is a massive learning curve, and it is very challenging, but this is all we do, all of us, immersed, hooked.

I am floating at the moment – I don’t have my own desk because that’s where we’ve setup our test system. So I use other people’s when they’re not around. Another couple of weeks and we’ll have more space when we move to the top attic. I’m really enjoying this though. I get to experience different chairs, and every desk has a different window view. Today I was sitting on a ball in a round metal frame. Today I didn’t have a desk. And tomorrow I will have two.

And we’re broke. About 20 guilders left between us (that’s around US$10). I’m enjoying it. No eating out. Experimenting with ingredients we have at home. Lemons, water, peas, rice, potatoes, corn, apples. All the good stuff. Had some bolete mushrooms that we bought (dried) about a month ago. I feel healthy. Healthier than I have felt in a long time.

Luckily, some expenses should come through in two days and we should have just about enough to sort out a few unpaid bills.

I am counting down to the day when I will be on the plane to Australia again. 43 days to go!