And it’s on paper

I went in wearing my green cords and a relaxed purple shirt with a dark blue heart in a light blue box. 5 year old faded brown birkenstocks on my feet. One broken sole. Greeted [...]

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Little things

Two Australian expats died in Amsterdam in the last four months. Both of them moved here around the same time I did. One was my boss for a while. One of them a friend. Thoughts [...]

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Off he goes

During the last couple of months he lived alone. He had some friends at work and online but he lived on his own. We heard that he broke up with his girlfriend a while ago [...]

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and so it goes

"So many people ask me so what do you do. You know, at the parties people do it to start a conversation, get to know a bit about you. No-one understands me when I just [...]

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First month in Amsterdam

I am in a slightly warped, miserable state of mind. But it feels right. It feels normal. I accept that a period of adjustment is necessary. I am mentally happy with what I have achieved [...]

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