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Zadar, Croatia

This morning we woke up in Split. The morning was hectic with the packing and checking out. We had brunch with Z and family at café Bajamonti at Trg Republike (Republic Square). As with most of Split, it’s a place where people can relax, children can run off and play, and that’s what they did. Z’s son played soccer with some friends from school that he ran into by chance. Once again, the scale of the city lends itself really well to that kind of chance meeting.We walked back through Split for one last time and then drove for 2 hours [...]

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Dubrovnik, Croatia

Typical streets of Dubrovnik and Ploce.    We stayed in an apartment with an absolutely stunning view of the Old Town and the Adriatic, on the street pictured above, the one with the pink Bougainvillea. It was approximately 200m from the Old Town Dubrovnik, which on foot translates to 400 steps. 400 steps up, and 400 steps down. I went for a run one evening and got a fantastic workout. I think of the four of us I was the only one who appreciated the terrain.I have a few more photos of the [...]

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Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

A remarkable place and people. Revisiting Sarajevo as an adult has had a profound impact on my views on urban design, pedestrian comfort, and everything related. My childhood memories of Bosnia are carefree, ignorant of risk, on foot, and the actual physical scale of places in my memories is completely off when compared to the reality I am experiencing as a bigger, taller person. And I don't really think that one is more right than the other. But understanding this difference is allowing me to begin to understand how children might perceive spaces. I want to write more on this, but will leave [...]

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Plitvice National Park, Croatia

Plitvice National Park in Croatia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its pristine landscape of cascading lakes. This was my third visit to Plitvice. Croatia and Bosnia had just been through a few days of continuous heavy rainfall, but the day we arrived, in the late afternoon, it began to clear up. The following day was a beautiful sunny 25C day. We set off bright and early and were at the gates by around 7am. We had no idea when we started that the paths would be flooded, so we made our way down the mountain side and towards the paths [...]

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Super exciting news

1. Last night I was awarded Dean's Honours for outstanding academic achievement in the final year of the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture. 2. My design was published in a book with the best of student designs in 2006. 3. I have a new job!!! My 130km daily commute is finally over. I got a new job, and it's as good as it gets. I will be working in an area where only 3% of Council's 2500 square kilometres is urban land, and the majority of the rest is national parks or protected. Very beautiful. And because sometimes good things come in more than threes: [...]

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Little River

I'm working on a project in Little River. We were driving to site one afternoon when I noticed these dead foxes by the side of the road. We drove past a couple of sets of them before we stopped for me to take a better look, and photos. Apparently they're not that uncommon. Farmers catch them and hang them. They do it to dogs, too, who can be much worse than foxes, apparently.

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Truganina Pelican Park Master Plan

Aerial image of the site Decision matrix Preliminary area relationship study diagram to assist with discussions about use, function, relationships and connectivity A freehand sketch I prepared to assist with visualising the concept I recently completed the master plan for a treatment plant. It explores the idea of converting a concrete pool into a vibrant, healthy wetland, and an educational and recreational facility for the community. I completed: Decision matrix for systematic assessment of proposed project elements. Each element is evaluated against a range of criteria such as cost, compatibility with the wetland setting, ecosystem [...]

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My first three days of Arabic

Day 1 Today I had my first Arabic class. I learned how to write four letters and five signs. I learned how to connect letters and make them into words. So beautiful. I adore the dots and the little pictures that I'm drawing on the paper. With every letter I say the corresponding sound and it's such a nice feeling. I was having so much fun just learning the alphabet. Everybody else in the class shares my enthusiasm so we all had a wondedrful time. I am a little nervous about the vocabulary. I'm already mixing languages. When the teacher asked me a few [...]

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Morris is impossible. He hurts me. He makes me cry out with pain. I can't have a glass of water on the table next to me. He sleeps on my mouse. He chews on the mouse cable. I want him to sleep until I tell him to wake up. I want him to play and pounce when I tell him to. Yes. I do. He is really testing my patience. And then he nestles in my lap and starts purring and he's the sweetest thing. Like so innocent and so well meaning. Adorable. I love watching him run around. I love it when he slides [...]

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And it’s on paper

I went in wearing my green cords and a relaxed purple shirt with a dark blue heart in a light blue box. 5 year old faded brown birkenstocks on my feet. One broken sole. Greeted by a man in a suit, man who is very soon to be my boss. In all of 3.5 days. I hardly said a word. Nodded a few times. Feeling so surreal. A bit shocked still. They have rejected over a fifty other applicants, and it was a process of three interviews. He said to bring the forms back either tomorrow or on Monday, and "See you 8:30 Monday". One [...]

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