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Galbally Reserve Play Space, Hughesdale

Galbally Reserve in Hughesdale is a new neighbourhood scale play space opened in June 2019. The Level Crossing Removal Authority, with Council’s permission, used part of reserve as part of the elevated rail works. I designed the new play space, developed presentation plan, detailed design, full tender documentation, construction documents, and supervised [...]

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Wellesley Road Reserve Play Space, Glen Waverley

CONSTRUCTION SCHEDULED FOR LATE 2019 Scope of this project called for extension to the existing play space to provide an accessible sensory garden and play for children with special needs. The design includes a mix of off-the-shelf products and bespoke items. Custom designed sound sculptures complement the natural qualities of the space, while [...]

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Mannering Reserve Play Space, Glen Waverley

Mannering Reserve is a small local play space. New works included provision of a new footpath, providing improved pedestrian link throughout the residental area, improved amenity through provision of new seating and planting of eighteen new flowering and shade trees and new garden beds. Nature play is integrated throughout the space, [...]

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Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

A remarkable place and people. Revisiting Sarajevo as an adult has had a profound impact on my views on urban design, pedestrian comfort, and everything related. My childhood memories of Bosnia are carefree, ignorant of risk, on foot, and the actual physical scale of places in my memories is completely off when compared [...]

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Plitvice National Park, Croatia

Plitvice National Park in Croatia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its pristine landscape of cascading lakes. This was my third visit to Plitvice. Croatia and Bosnia had just been through a few days of continuous heavy rainfall, but the day we arrived, in the late afternoon, it began to clear [...]

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The Flock

A project I'm working on has been in the news! It's a public art project. Massive steel origami sculptures of various birds - The Flock, by Jonathan Leahey. The article is an interview with the artist, published on The Age website. To see the rest of it, you have to wait until it's installed.

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Parametric design of urban form

I’ve been playing with something new to me. Well, database programming isn’t new, and urban design isn’t either. But on this project I’m bringing the two together. It’s mostly investigative, experimenting with relatively new parametric software, trying out new methods. It’s been consuming all my non-work time lately. This is the next step I’ve been [...]

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