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About Ana


I am an award winning landscape architect, artist, urban designer, project manager, photographer and web developer. My work is primarily in the public sector, but over the last 18 years I have worked on a wide variety of projects for local municipalities, private residences, developers, and not-for-profit organisations. I am deeply committed to making better places – places that are a healthy part of their local community, culture and ecosystem. I have a strong interest in art and its integration in the landscape. I absolutely love what I do and can tackle projects of various sizes and levels of complexity, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

I am registered with the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA, since 2007), and am a part-time member of the AILA environment subcommittee. I am also currently undertaking Master of Construction Management at Deakin University having been the project manager for a number of construction projects.


I lived in Bosnia during the war in the early 1990s, and migrated to Australia as a refugee at 15. It was a difficult time, dealing with a new country, new language, and the loss of almost everything that had been familiar in my life. I chose to make the best I could of my life and embrace the opportunities ahead. I completed the enhancement studies program (maths) at Monash University during my final year of high school. In the following year I received Dean’s Scholarship to study Arts and Engineering at Monash.

In 1998 I changed my course to Arts (mostly German and Archaeology) and Computer Science, with a heavy focus on maths. I was living on campus, studying full-time, and working full-time at the Monash IT helpdesk for staff. I spent a lot of my time doing computer programming, back end web development, and volunteered as a system administrator for a student run server (yoyo) offering free email and web accounts to students.

A year later, I received an offer to move to Amsterdam to work as a Network Systems Developer for a Dutch telecommunications company. I stayed in Amsterdam for a few years, during which time I worked in a few different jobs, the last being Network Engineer at RIPE NCC, a regional internet registry overseeing IP address space and AS numbers for Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia. It was an absolutely fantastic place to work.

After coming back to Australia, I decided to make my childhood dream of being an architect into a reality. I somehow ended up enrolling in Landscape Architecture knowing hardly anything about it. For the next few years I studied whilst running my own business doing web development, some computer programming, graphic design and photography. In addition to landscape architecture, my studies also focused on geography and geomorphology, GIS, environmental change management, regional planning, intercultural relations in post-migration communities, ecology and integration in new suburban landscapes, and parametric design and BIM.

In 2003 I got slightly addicted to film photography, digital art and photo manipulation. I started holding exhibitions, had an artwork exhibited during Alice Prize 2004 at Alice Springs Cultural Precinct, Araluen, and had a photo published in New Scientist, amongst others. In 2004 I had to shift my focus back to landscape architecture. I overloaded at Uni, and began working as a landscape architect in a private practice. I graduated with Dean’s Honours in the final year.

That was over ten years ago. I began work in the public sector, and taught as a tutor and guest lecturer in landscape architecture.

For the last couple of years I have been working freelance in both the public and private sectors. I have completed landscape designs for large public parks, playgrounds, residential subdivisions and streetscapes, including preparation of drawings for planning applications, tender process and construction. For more information about services I provide, please click on the link to SERVICES in the menu.